Tuesday, June 14, 2005

That Oughtta Teach 'Em

A friend sent these to me. Sorta fits in with all the wacky pix here so...

FURIOUS South African women have called for a controversial new anti-rape device, dubbed a “rat trap”, to be banned by the Government.
The tampon-like device, invented by a woman, supposedly protects women from rapists by cutting into a man’s penis.

The device - which has been patented by its inventor, Sonette Ehlers - is worn like a tampon but is hollow.

In the event of a rape, she says, it will fold around the rapist's penis and attach itself with microscopic hooks. It is impossible to remove the clamped device without medical intervention.

Aye Carumba !


Blogger softwareNerd said...

I cannot understand why some women are objecting to this? The objector says: "It is vengeful, ..."

6:30 AM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

I know. It's weird. They say they are "accepting rape" if they fight it this way? What are they proposing? Women just wait around whilst they "talk to the men folks" and encourage them not to rape so much??? If it was me, I'd have ten of those buggers and I'd be damn sure that anybody coming near me better know it. It's like saying Mace is cruel to muggers, or that having mace means "accepting that muggings happen". Well they do, don't they?!

11:26 AM  

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