Tuesday, May 10, 2005

You've Got Wrinkles Where?

Doctors: Vaginal Cream May Be Harmful For Face

Via The Drudge
"The fact is, the skin under the eyes is very, very sensitive. If you notice a lot of medicines, say 'not around your eyes.' So, I have significant concerns because I believe it has some steroid cream in it and steroid cream thins the skin and it may actually bring out dark circles and things like that," Hoffman said."Be advised about what you are doing and that it is kind of nonsensical. There are better things," Wolfe said."Personally, if something is meant for my 'hu-ha', I don't think I'm going to put it on my eyes," Hoffman added.
Um, if it's going to irritate my face-I'm not gonna put it in my "hu-ha" for sure.
Now that's some skin that is "very, very sensitive".

I get a kick out of stupid stories like this. If the doctors don't even know enough about the medicine to know if it will or will not irritate "sensitive skin" then what are they doing handing out prescriptions for it. Good Grief.


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