Monday, April 18, 2005

Traffic Jam

Well, For the past couple of weeks I've been testing out different link swappers and such to see what works best. I swear I see almost no traffic from any of them except Blog Explosion. BlogAzoo I surfed forever and got some 300+ credits but never saw a single referrer from them. And yet somehow my credits disappeared. So I don't waste my time on them anymore. The other BlogTraffik or whatever never has gotten set up. Then there's always the TTLB Ecosystem which is fun and I occasionally get a hit from people looking around in there. I also have myself signed up with Blogcatalog, GetBlogs, BotaBlog, Blogwise, and Bloglinks, Bloglines, Blogorama, whew! Uh, I think that's the main ones. There again though I see almost no traffic from any of them. The majority of my traffic is from BlogExplosion, then next is probably Sitemeter, and/or Technorati from other people checking out who refers to them, and then I actually do surprisingly well in the searches. Of course I am excluding bookmarks and friend referrers here, so if I had to made a final call on what the best source of traffic is, I'd have to say it's still best to go manual, but if you get stuck, check out blogexplosion. Just make sure you have your URL printed somewhere that a surfer can cut and paste, or include a Blogroll Me area towards the top. Otherwise they'll pass by and never remember to come back. Unless anybody actually uses those Blogmarks, I really haven't much yet.


Blogger boudica of suburbia said...

i get nearly all my referrals from blogexplosion, the rest aren't worth it. Well blog explosion and pantiespantiespanties. Get a sex blog to link to you, you'll get shit loads, trust me. Another idea is to list yourself in things like Bust's Girl Wide Web
( comment on everything you can, leaving your blog address wherever you go. ooh and make sure you're listed on google and all the main search engines.


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