Thursday, March 03, 2005

French Freaks

As if being French weren't bad enough already,

Child sex trial opens in France :

Nearly all the defendants were living on welfare benefits. "Parents of
one kid sold her for a new car tyre," said lawyer Philippe Cosnard,quoted by the AFP news agency. Other children were allegedly bartered for small sums of money, food or cigarettes. A girl of 10 was allegedly raped by more than 30 adults.

Mother admits raping her children:

The case came to the attention of prosecutors in December 2000, when social services alerted them to the possible sexual abuse committed by an unemployed couple against their own four children, AFP said. The children named other individuals involved, some of them neighbours.In 2001, other members of the alleged ring, including a bailiff and his wife, a taxi driver and a priest, were placed under investigation.


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