Thursday, February 17, 2005

Privacy in a Public Life

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Chafing over racy broadcasts like Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl, the House overwhelmingly passed a bill Wednesday authorizing unprecedented fines for indecency

"We would put Big Brother in charge of deciding what is art and what is free speech," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Illinois, who opposed the bill. "We would see self- and actual-censorship rise to new and undesirable heights."

Stickers Land Man in Jail:Officials have charged 31-year-old Dean Young, the owner of a yellow Ford Focus displaying the images, with distribution of sexually oriented materials to minors. [ ZardozZ relays the message]

The Power of the Blogosphere: With an estimated 8 million blogs in the US last
year and 32 million readers, blogs may be the biggest development in the media
right now.

But can such a public media help bring back privacy? What should be private, and what should be public in this ever more publicized world? G. Stolyarov II attempts to answer:
First, it is necessary to determine the ethical root of the concept of privacy, of the fact that there are matters which a man can legitimately keep to himself or within a close circle of relevant persons. The two antecedents to privacy are "property" and "rights," property being any item which man has earned by his own effort (or miscellaneous consensual entitlement) and can peacefully use or dispose of as his self-interest requires. It was John Locke who had first discovered that the most fundamental property a man can hold, and that he acquires from the first moment of his existence, is his self, his mind, body, and all functions thereof included. This basic possession is the key to all other acquisitions, material or intellectual, which, as logically follows, become his own if earned by his own labor and not given away or traded to others (as a contractual agreement provides for in numerous cases, including a man's presentation of his labor to an employer in exchange for a salary). more...


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