Friday, February 25, 2005

Obscene Obstetric Obtrusion

This is absolutely disgusting. I wonder about the mental stability of this Phill Kline person. What could be more personal to a woman than her gynecological records? He has no right to demand such information and the Kansas Supreme Court must deny him if it considers itself a part of the American Justice System.
TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) -- The Kansas attorney general is demanding abortion clinics turn over the complete medical records of nearly 90 women and girls, saying he needs the material for an investigation into underage sex and illegal late-term abortions.

Two clinics are fighting the request in Kansas Supreme Court, saying the state has no right to such personal information. But Attorney General Phill Kline, an abortion opponent, insisted Thursday: "I have the duty to investigate and prosecute child rape and other crimes in order to protect Kansas children."

The records sought include the patient's name, medical history, details of her sex life, birth control practices and psychological profile.

Kline began pushing in 2003 to require health care professionals to report underage sexual activity. Kline contends state law requires such reporting, but a federal judge blocked him. The case has yet to be resolved.

"Hello, hello, hello... just nod if you can hear me... is there anyone at home?" - Pink Floyd

Excuse me for my obtuse-ness (real-word eh?) but doesn't rape imply lack of consent? I know I know, a minor cannot legally give consent, but humor me. Doesn't the initiation of force, by the government, to retrieve the personal documents relating to the most intimate of doctor-patient relationships - CONSTITUTE RAPE!!!

So lemme get this straight ... the state attorney general of Kansas, finds it as his DUTY to RAPE AND PILLAGE the private lives of innocent women IN THEIR DEFENSE???!!!

HA-no, he's after the defense of the fetus.


Mental Illenes- they say it's on the rise, soon they'll be testing you, and your children, and your FETUSES!

Will they test the attorney general of Kansas?


Blogger M.T. Daffenberg said...

I love it! Calling this man out as the 'rapist' he is. I don't follow his logic in any way--no rational person could. Great post!

Sidenote--thanks for the complement on my ode, I really appreciate it. I think those types of writings are hard to pull off without being sappy, but I tried my best.

11:37 AM  

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