Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Egg-erotic Universe- Was it a Big Bang?

I found this while looking at more info on the Ekpyrotic Universe. If you remember the last article, or if you've read about it elsewhere, you know that the claim is that the Universe is cyclical, and infinite.

Note that the cosmological principle also implies that the universe has no boundaries and no center (if it had, that would violate the assumption of homogenity and isotropy), hence the plane as well as the saddle have to be imagined extending into infinity! (the surface of a sphere has no boundaries, even if it has only a finite size, and no center). So if the universe has negative or zero curvature, and the cosmological principle indeed holds, it has to have an infinite size. In contrast, if the curvature is positive, the size of the universe is finite. It's hard to believe, but despite research going on about this for decades, so far we still don't know which curvature our universe really has - and so we still don't know if it has a finite or an infinite size. - Read the rest here.

Now do you get it ;)


Blogger M.T. Daffenberg said...

Funny! I even called my wife over for that one.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Chris Granger said...

Freshman year, my high school Science Fair Project was a cosmogony I laid out in approximately 10 pages (double spaced) using no mathematics - because I was terrible at math. It's completely harebrained and meaningless, but the two branes colliding thing reminded me of it. Brief synopsis pulled from my shoddy memory:
Assumption #1: Opposites ("opposites" being loosely defined) are attracted to one another via a magnetic-like field (undefined) if they exist in a non-gravitational field. E.g. the electron and the proton, two prime examples of opposites, in that universal, symmetrical sense, exist in a local non-gravitational field because of their minuscule sizes. An electron on the surface of the earth, for example, experiences no gravitational field in it's small, local surrounding space even though it is obviously sitting within the earth's own gravitational field, since when dealing with something so small, the surrounding curved space-time, i.e. gravitational field, disintegrates into a flat local space, tangentially attached to other locally flat areas of space-time. Basically if you zoom in on a curve enough, eventually it'll appear to be a straight line. :) This explains the natural attraction between the proton and the electron :)
2. Assuming that symmetry is a universal fact of life, I imagined a pre-universe (again, vaguely) and a corresponding anti-pre-universe. I considered them empty dimensions gliding about in another dimension.
3. Well, there's no matter with these pre-universes, so they're no gravitational fields - so of course they are drawn together by this mysterious field that acts on all the symmetrically corresponding pieces of the universe, when they've shed all gravitational fields. So they smash together, the pre-universe and the anti-pre-universe, thus collapsing mysterious field entirely (since both pre-universes are empty, there's nothing to keep these empty dimensions from completely occupying the space of the other, thus collapsing and concentrating the energy of their magnetic-like fields, and producing the Big Bang.
So there you have it. I think I remember it correctly. I do remember I titled the section on the pre-universe and anti-pre-universe's merger, "One Anti-Night Stand". Because these dimensions made sweet love, it was beautiful, and then they never saw each other again.
Sorry, I had to share.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

Ahh the elusive contributor. Thank you for that one, it was LOL funny, just the way I like you. :)

9:59 AM  

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