Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Personal Liberty

This is a decent Op-Ed from a guy who might not have it all right but he's on the right track. His name is Doug Hagin. Hey it's a start:

There is one area where Liberals and Conservatives have allowed personal offense to trump their belief in liberty. This area revolves around several issues. All these issues involve personal morality and behaviors, which involve consenting adults and their right to live as they choose.

Yes, I know I am going to hack off some Conservatives here but perhaps they need to be hacked off. Sodomy laws have absolutely no place in America. What consenting adults do in their own homes is their business. It might offend me, it might disgust you, but if we allow the government to dictate their private lives then our private lives could easily be next. How about legalizing pot? Is pot good for you? Likely not. Is it smart to smoke the garbage? Definitely not. However, if an adult chooses to sit home and get stoned out of his or her mind, is it any of the governments business? In a society which honors liberty the answer is no.

Now if this person allows a minor to get hold of this drug or if they drive while under its influence then yes there should be severe legal ramifications. The only standard, which ought to apply is this, does the behavior cause harm to anyone else? In addition, no, being offended is not the same as being harmed. Living in a country, which has liberty, means some folks are going to do things, which cause offense to others. There is absolutely no right not to be offended in our Constitution. And please spare me the inane “community standards” argument. Allowing a community to intrude in the private lives of adults is a great recipe for flushing all our freedoms down the proverbial toilet ... if a community can intrude into the bedrooms of some consenting adults then the rest of us might see our sex lives in danger of offending a community.

There are so many other laws, which are equally offensive, and anti-freedom we have allowed to take hold here. Seat-belt laws, helmet laws, cell-phone laws, public smoking laws, the list is long and depressing. The truth is simple my friends we have too much government, and too many laws in this great nation. Liberty means we are free to live as we see fit. Some will choose to live in ways, which cause us offense, and should we choose to disallow this we will pay the dearest of prices. Liberty is worth far too much to allow it to disappear.

Now, if only he would introspect on the philosophical base of these beliefs, and their logical requirements a little more, he might be open to some good, Objective thought and he might realize more of his own values.


Blogger M.T. Daffenberg said...

Another major problem with people who want to limit rights--they seem to be in the majority. Scary. Especially in a democratic republic where their vote is bond, they tell us what to do, what is right, how to live. And this is the same majority who criticizes the ACLU for looking after individual rights. I did say scary, right?

6:14 AM  
Blogger Sarah Beth said...

Very scary, that's why, as I'm learning, it's not democracy that's so important, as Bush has not understood yet. Watch Iraq vote themselves into a dictatorship or theocracy and it will be crystal clear, You need a well established Republic with a clear Constitution to protect individual rights, that's what gives us our freedom, not democracy, although democracy is the best way to decide the little things, unless the Government is restrained by Constitutional law, they will constantly encroach on individual rights, and the majority that don't know better, will keep voting them in.

8:59 AM  

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