Thursday, January 13, 2005

Maintain your Mind

Having spent 30 years teaching at a major American university, Dr. Edwin A. Locke has written an open-letter op-ed to this year's grads--advising them to reject two ideas that underlie most of what they were taught in college. Dr. Locke, now a senior writer at the Ayn Rand Institute, identifies these ideas as: "human reason is unreliable and dispensable," and "the individual should be subordinate to the collective." He cites a number of examples: "In psychology you were undoubtedly taught that free will is an illusion, and that your life is ruled, not by reason, but by your unconscious feelings. In sociology you were taught that you are the passive product of social conditioning. In history you were taught the multicultural dogma that nothing can be known objectively, because all interpretations are biased by one's race, gender and economic status. In literature you were taught that the individual is doomed to lead a hopeless and tragic life in an incomprehensible universe. In economics you were taught that the needs of others supersede the rights of the individual. In politics you were taught that individual rights are arbitrary assertions made by people in power. In philosophy you were taught that one cannot know anything with certainty, and that moral values are nothing more than subjective, unsupportable preferences. At the deepest level you were taught that there is nothing sacred in this world, not even your own mind."


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