Thursday, January 06, 2005

Is the Sexual Tsunami Engulfing a School Near You?

In this ridiculous article, Mary Ann Kreitzer states:

Close to 2,000 gay-straight clubs have been established in high schools around the country, and even middle schools. This is bad news indeed as we see the escalation of sexual experimentation among our youth ... Make no mistake, the clubs are all about convincing kids that homosexuality is normal and acceptable ... Gay-straight clubs are all about making the homosexual lifestyle more tolerable to children. This "toleration" will encourage experimentation. Would any school offer a nonsmoker-smoker club to foster communication and tolerance for those who smoke? Of course not. Smoking is self-destructive. Oral sex, sodomy, "fisting," and other perverted practices are all part of homosexual behavior and they maim and kill.

Likewise, Bonnie Alba's article "Shameful! Postponing Sex Until Marriage!" is mostly garbage not even worth refuting. I did at least admire her honesty about her real motivation for writing it.

I’m distressed at how far we have come from the 50s when “shame” was a common word to denote the feeling after doing something wrong. Another word “remorse” was also common. Neither of these words appear to be of significance in raising this generation. Well, Bring back some good old-fashioned Shame! We need to see how “shame” is good for us. Primarily shame lets us know that not all choices in life are beneficial nor do they result in good consequences. You might end up thinking that these parents are ashamed their children might “wait until marriage” to have sex.

What we need to do is teach responsible sex education classes which include abstinance, proper contraceptive use, STD risks, pregnancy, and self-esteem, as one integrated whole. They are all choices that ultimately the individual must make. Whether they are gay or straight is not the issue, either lifestyle as well as the pious virgin lifestyle require choices and choices require you to have the proper knowledge available to make them. How can teenagers especially be expected to make these life altering decisions when they are presented with all this hysteria from their local community. It is not up to the community to make the moral choice for them. Even their parents cannot do that, as much as they would like to. The options must be explained objectively and the kids should be encouraged to value themselves as individuals and the expression of love to be an expression of their value for themselves and the person to whom they are involved with. Then the kids can be left to decide for themselves knowing that whatever option they decide upon they have done it intentionally and they have the knowledge of how to protect themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy. To undermine the kids ability to make their own decision, to attach stigma and "shame" is not a deterrent as statistics can show quite clearly. Instead kids fall into a cycle of mistakes, shame, bad decisions, and more shame which just perpetuate disease and unwanted pregnancy statistics. The issue is not "gay rights" or "abstinance" but giving kids the chance to make informed decisions motivated by their own value for themselves, and not out of guilt or fear or shame.


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