Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's. I love New Years. Aside from the Fourth of july it is my favorite holiday, but New Years might even take the top role if I had to choose.

It's great to take stock of what you have accomplished and to celebrate the start of what's to come. I moved to Florida two years ago today. I've done alot in the last two years, and I am excited to be starting 2005, because I have alot planned and I know it will be a good year. I am starting school in September, I'm going to try sky-diving, and I'm going to take a vacation to see all the friends I haven't seen for years before I go to school. I'm also going to increase my writing portfolio and see if I can get something published here soon.

Don't you just love new beginnings?

New Year's Day is the most active-minded holiday, because it is the one where people evaluate their lives and plan and resolve to take action. Every resolution you make on this day implies that you are in control of yourself, that you are not a victim fated by circumstance, controlled by stars, owned by luck, but that you are an individual who can make choices to change your life. You can learn statistics, ask for that promotion, fight your shyness, search for that marriage partner. Your life is in your own hands. On New Year's Day many people accept, often more implicitly than explicitly, that happiness comes from the achievement of values. That is why you resolve to be healthier, more ambitious, more confident. You want to enjoy that sense of purpose, accomplishment and pleasure that one feels when achieving values. It is happiness that is the motor and purpose of one's life. It is New Year's, more than any other day, that makes the attainment of happiness more real and possible.
This is the meaning of New Year's Day and why it is so psychologically important and significant to people throughout the world."-Saturday's Editorial


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