Friday, January 14, 2005

Free Market vs Safety Net

The CS Monitor got it right with the article titled "Social Security's Battle Over Values" by defining this as an issue of what values the government should espouse. Until a detailed plan is offered, it is hard to judge for certain the ramifications, but certainly the idea of gaining more private control of our Social Security money is attractive. I don't see why anyone would prefer to leave the system alone and keep getting money taken from us which will never benefit us. That's ridiculous.

"But opponents of private retirement accounts generally see them as a threat to the collective protection offered by a big government program. Proponents judge them as an encouragement to individualism, and a reduction in Washington's power."

Precisely. It is an issue of the collective vs the individual. A triumph for the individual is something we desperately need right now. If that is what this would be, I am not exactly sure, but, optimism makes me hope for the best. Even if it is coming from Bush ;)


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