Monday, December 20, 2004

Two Wrongs Don't Make A *Right*

The reliance upon a supernatural realm of facts which are given to us either by God, or for those who reject God, it has been secularized into Society, is a flaw that undermines the Identity of Individuals into a mish-mash of faceless groups, clamoring for their equal share of life's pleasure and the pursuit of happiness which every individual was granted in our Constitution. This neccessarily separates individuals into groups in order to gain leverage in the public eye, and with government, in order to gain special favors and privleges before the fickle eye of public opinion passes over them and onto the next *interest* of the moment. Objectivism instead puts everything in the realm of Reality, and gives individuals their own value and holds government's only responsibility to be the protection of individual freedoms, not to dictate right and wrong based either on popular opinion of society or based upon a religious entity. Objectivism recognizes no such entity as society.

By Secularizing individual power to the whims of public opinion, the not so suprizing result is that then people rely on the government to control public opinion. Special Interest groups lobby to change language (where did P.C. come from?), to ban books they find offensive, or TV shows, or radio programs, to enact harsher punishments for crimes committed against their group, and ultimately the government becomes a sort of frenzied parent. It punishes this group to make up for what the other group did, buys this one candy while that ones in time out, favoritism, unequal punishment, and unequal rights. The government, in this view, is the primary agent responsible for ensuring an equal distribution of social benefits. The recognition of rights is needed, in this view, in order to ensure that downtrodden groups gain a more equal share of social status. In order for everyone to *actually* have equal rights, we have to stop trying to legislate morality, and legislate public opinion. The raging unecessary conflict is just a byproduct of the senseless conflict between the two sides of today's deepest philosophical false alternative: the clash between a social and a religious metaphysics. To resolve that conflict will require an amendment of our culture's deepest philosophical convictions.

(Ref:Tracinski Publishing Co. The Intellectual Activist-March 2004)


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