Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Great Minds Think...

I just found a very funny article which ties together all the things I've been writing about here, by a man named Thoreau no less. My goodness is he active. And I was just musing to Chris the other day about what had ever happened to that name, not that I have any proof yet that this writer is any relation, it's probably just a happy coincidence. I don't know that his ideas are exactly something I would follow, but as a sort of decorative article I think it's quite amusing.

Help Stop Bush: Boycott GOP Companies
By Bob Schober and Jackson Thoreau
Since the 2004 election, many of us have been grasping for something to do. "What's next?" seems to be the question of the day for us liberals, now faced with a presumptive right-wing majority salivating to remake America.
So, while Bob was recently painting, Rosa Parks and the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott came to mind, and it all fell in place - we liberals CAN fight back in terms well understood by the right wing. We can boycott those companies that contributed heavily to the Republican cause. Their money helped the GOP to denigrate liberals; we can use our dollars to hit back where it really hurts - on the bottom line. The time has come to show them that their politics has an economic consequence.
We'd only be following the philosophical footsteps of Ayn Rand, whose protagonist John Galt in Atlas Shrugged convinced the productive, but vilified, members of society to drop out and let the system crash. The right wing glorifies her philosophy, and how delicious that wed be turning it back on them by withholding our dollars. And don't forget the tradition set by this country's forefathers and foremothers, who boycotted another King George and his British Empire business supporters.
We're salivating over the prospect of millions of frustrated liberals, progressives and others who oppose the Bush administration, tired of being slimed by the right-wing media and politicians, individually sending letters to the corporate offices of companies who lend major support to those causes. Imagine the Republican CEOs getting thousands of letters saying, "You have lost me as a customer until you show a balanced contribution to all political parties."
The GOP message during the campaign was that liberals are unpatriotic and anti-American - well, we'll give these companies their wish and, Galt-style, check out. These companies won't have to suffer our tainted dollars anymore. You can get donor information on such Web sites as Center for Responsive Politics (http://www.opensecrets.org/) and Political MoneyLine (http://www.fecinfo.com), which compile the information from Federal Election Commission databases.


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And then there are those that don't. Goerge Carlin would call these the Baby Worshippers, and they're proud of it. Shit like this gives weight to Ayn's message, because her villians expose the horror of theirs.

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