Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Collapsing The Wave

Wow, looks like I'm going to have to hit up the bookstore again tonight. Perhaps I should just go ahead and purchase some Barnes and Noble stock while I'm at it. The book is "Backbeat" A Novel of Physics by J. Fredrick Arment, who describes himself as "the superposition of every wave of experience, past, present and future: growing up in suburbia, blue collar father, fundamentalist Christian mother, undergraduate degree in History, masters in the French Enlightenment, post-graduate work in physics, teacher and lecturer, married with two children, divorced with a second chance at love, technical writer for corporations, advertising business owner, sailboater, peace advocate, infant of the sixties who bought the idea that anything is possible if we just use the energy in our minds. Like the characters in Backbeat, I’m the culmination of foreshadowing. A waveform, in effect! " Hahaha, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

In other News Micropenis Enlarged with New Surgical Technique. Apparently a "micropenis" is 2 inches or less in legnth and affects .6% of men. The procedure is called phalloplasty, and was performed on nine patients (three of which were hermaphrodites), all of whom are satisfied with the cosmetic appearance of their penis.

Take a bite out of this, Virgin Toast is a $28,000 self-fulfilling prophecy. Damn, that really puts a damper on my "Jesus Christ, it's a Sandwhich!" restaurant idea. Or does it? I like the idea of having my staff wear name tags that read "Molly Miraclemaker, how can I save you today?"

Glossolalia observed in Prairie Dogs? Or are they actually gossiping about us? "Prairie dog chatter is variously described by observers as a series of yips, high-pitched barks or eeks ... That means all they're saying are things like "ouch'' or "hungry'' or "eek." ... But Slobodchikoff believes prairie dogs are communicating detailed information to one another about what animals are showing up in their colonies, and maybe even gossiping. " Brilliant work Dr. Dolittle!

And to round it out, we dive back into the collapsable waves of Quantum Mechanics with, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.


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